Qlogic Corporation

StorIT is the ‘sole and exclusive distributor for Qlogic in INDIA

Tandberg Data

Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier of data protection solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s wide selection of business-grade storage solutions includes disk-based appliances, tape-based solutions, including drives, autoloaders, libraries and media, removable disk and software for backup, archiving and deduplication.All data protection solutions are supported through a worldwide service and support network, recognized for its outstanding levels of service. Tandberg Data provides standard warranty and support offerings and on-site service upgrades.Tandberg Data solutions work with all major operating systems and software applications. Marketed exclusively through a global channel of qualified resellers and distributors, Tandberg Data also partners with major server OEMs, including Apple, Fujitsu, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Maxell, NEC and Toshiba.Tandberg Data operates regional headquarters in Germany, the United States and Singapore, has sales offices in the United Kingdom, France, Norway, China, India and Japan, and owns manufacturing facilities in China.

American Megatrends

AMI is a manufacturer of ISCSI SAN/NAS storage sub-systems. Their storage brand name is Stortrends.

Infortrend Technology Inc

Founded in 1993, Infortrend Corporation (Public TPE: 2495) is a leading provider of high-performance networked storage solutions focusing on quality, reliability, choice and value. Fueled by a depth of technological expertise and system-level knowledge, Infortrend storage solutions have been widely deployed on a variety of demanding applications by multiple users across commercial and industrial markets. Our core brands include the ESVA, EonStor DS and EonNAS product families.

Fact Sheet:
Established: 1993
Publicly Listed: 2002 (Taiwan Stock Exchange)
Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
Capital (2010): US$ 97.8 Million
Worldwide Employees (2010): 550
Manufacturing Base: Taiwan
Worldwide Service: Branch offices in USA, UK, Germany, China and Japan.

Product Description:

Enterprise Scalable Virtualized Architecture (ESVA) is a powerful SAN solution ideal for mid-range enterprises. ESVA offers wide configuration choices to meet diverse application requirements for performance, capacity, space and costs. ESVA helps mid-range enterprises optimize return on investment, simplify storage infrastructure and maximize application productivity.

ESVA features:
- Fibre Channel and iSCSI host connectivity
- Storage virtualization
- Thin provisioning
- Automated storage tiering
- Automatic data migration
- Distributed load balancing
- Scale-out technology
- Snapshots, volume copy/mirror, and remote replication
- HA (High Availability) hardware design
- Green enhancements

EonStor DS
EonStor DS is an entry-level SAN storage solution providing a comprehensive set of data services to ensure the highest data availability for storage area network (SAN) and direct attached storage (DAS) environments, including local and remote replication and thin provisioning. Coupled with advanced hardware design, modular architecture, easy and intuitive management and exceptional price-performance, EonStor DS brings price-conscious companies a decisive competitive edge by making IT efficiency keep up with growing storage needs.

EonStor features:
- Fibre Channel, iSCSI and SAS host connectivity
- Wide variety of form factors and disk drive support
- Thin provisioning
- Snapshots, volume copy/mirror, and remote replication
- HA (High Availability) hardware design
- Green enhancements
- Affordable price points

EonNAS features a unified storage platform that simultaneously serves file and block-based applications. With easy management, high availability, flexible scalability and competitive price/performance, EonNAS systems help small and medium sized businesses effectively meet diverse and changing data demands while staying within stringent budgets.

EonNAS features:
- Comprehensive storage protocol support (CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, iSCSI and APF)
- Snapshot, remote replication, and hardware RAID data protection
- Thin provisioning
- Performance acceleration by integrating SSDs

Our Partners
  • Infortrend appoints StorIT Data Storage Solution as its sole distributor for India